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2011 brings some merchants smaller sales volumes and higher advertising costs.


IMS has stepped up to meet this financial challenge by LOWERING existing Tiered and Interchange Plus programs in an effort to help merchants recoup costs .


Contact us to find out how Interchange Plus Merchant Accounts can make a deep cut in your merchant fees.

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Bob Bryant
Merchant Processing Specialist and ECommerce Mentor

Who Are You?
Your Merchant Identification
Does your website list you as "XYZ" when you charge your customers as "ABC"?

This is one of the largest contributing causes to Merchant Chargebacks and is easily remedied.

Many of you have a second website that shares the same common merchant account through the use of an additional Terminal ID.

While this is somewhat "normal", you need to make certain that your customers understand "who" will be charging their credit card or you may find yourself in for an unpleasant surprise.

The main reason customers charge back is that they don't recognize the name of the company that made the charge.

This can cost both time, aggravation, and yes... MONEY!

Can you afford to have your funds for a sold order taken out of your account without notice, only to find that the buyer simply did not recognize your charge?

Take the time to insure that your website DETAILS EXACTLY how the charge will appear and also include this information in emails and customer correspondence.

EDUCATE your customer, IDENTIFY your name that you charge with, and REDUCE your expenses for unwarranted charge backs.

Verifying Suspect Orders
Don't be a victim!
Your mail is here, and in it is a blue envelope from your Merchant Processor informing you that you've got a chargeback from a fraudulent order.

Emotions run the gamut, and you are justifiably angry that someone has stolen from you.

Here's some tips to keep it from happening again!

1. Verify - Call the customer. Bad phone number = Red Flag
2. Verify - Email the customer. No reply = Another Red Flag
3. Zip Code Matches AVS, but not the Address = Yes, Another Red Flag
4. Billing Address is a Match, but Shipping Address is Different = Red Flag

If you have a suspect order and any of the above criteria comes into play, you need to stop and DON'T CHARGE THE CARD until you complete further verification.

In many cases the "Fraudsters" will communicate with you and try to get you to complete their order.

A good method to verify a customer you are worried about, but with otherwise good address and contact info is to charge a low, odd amount (like .76 cents) and have the "Customer" tell you the amount of the charge and in that way you know that they have access to the highest levels of the account.

Feel free to contact us at 800-996-6127 for further ways to combat fraud, verify or identify suspect orders, and to learn how to take action to apprehend those that commit fraud against you.

Inexpensive Wireless Charge Solution
If you sell at Trade Shows or other events, this may be for you!
Traditional Wireless Terminals cost upwards of $700 and may not be cost effective for small vendors.

ePay Charge Retail Software is your number one solution for processing retail sales using your existing computer.

Simply by attaching a USB or Serial Mag-Reader to your laptop and then loading the ePay Charge software, the merchant can swipe cards at their computer and through their existing internet connection authorize retail [swiped] transactions in real-time.

This solution is easily made "wireless" by using a Wireless Air Card or Broadband Wireless Connection that is normally available at most events in this day and time.

This sub-$300 solution has an ongoing subscription cost of only $13 per month with no transaction fees and is a viable alternative to expensive terminals and long term leases.

Contact us for more information - (800) 996- 6127

Gateway Savings
Authorize.net - QuickCommerce Special Offer

Enjoy Authorize.net Gateway pricing of only $15 per month with 250 transactions included. Additional transactions over 250 are 5 cents each.

You do not have to process with us to receive this promotion!

Montly Cost $15.00

Payment Gateways

Virtual Terminal and Shopping Cart Payment Integration for all ECommerce Hosts, Services, and Carts.

Choose from low cost plans at USAePay and Authorize.net with low setup costs.

Choose from multiple pricing tiers and options for recurring billing and others.

ECommerce Training

Free consulting in every area of ECommerce is available at no cost to our merchants. Talk to us before you make important decisions for a direct and candid response.

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Enjoy low Merchant Rates with options for Free Terminals, Wireless Terminals, and Check Guarantee Programs.

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