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Referring Webmasters - Merchant Account Referral Agents

Full Time and Part Time Merchant Account Agents

We have developed a network of professionals that refer business owners to our company for credit card processing and related financial services.

It's a high touch, relationship based business.

We don't bug people to do business. With the right Network, it's simply not necessary.

Our agents earn 150% more than the industry average. Join our team today!

As a Referring Webmaster or Independent Referral Agent, when you provide a referral that leads to a relationship and the establishment of merchant services, or other residual income product that might be a fit for the business, you earn 25% of the residual income stream for the life of the account.

The normal percentage paid for referrals in this industry is a low 10%.

25% is HUGE!

All you do is make an introduction to the merchant and have one of our representatives contact them.

After that, you are out of the loop unless you want deeper involvement for a higher percentage.

You can develop a significant income in less than a year.

Most retail merchants do more than 10K monthly and with eCommerce, we support some that do as much as 2 million a month!

How can you offer so much?

Simple, we have decided to share in a more realistic manner with our Agents and Referral Partners, giving them a significant revenue share in an effort to build a close relationship.

We had no "old school" model and chose to promote a relationship that allows agents to earn, grow, and prosper with hands on assistance and support.


You can have a great career in Merchant Services and earn an above average income while still providing some of the lowest rates in the industry to your merchants, plus we'll help you grow you to the point of becoming an a Independent Agency if you decide to pursue our CareerTrack program.

If residual income interests you, or you are wanting to find a relationship that will allow you to operate as a professional, having potential for a great income, please contact us so that we can talk further.

If you really don't "get it" you owe to yourself and career to have a conversation with one of our HR Advisors before you walk away from what could be the perfect career.

At no time does ANYONE pop up and ask you for money to get involved.

We can now can add a few more good people like you!

We support our agents and provide comprehensive training. Talk to us and learn why we are the only Agent relationship you should consider.

We provide all the sales assistance you need as well as good grounding on how to be effective as a referrer.

Webmasters and Agents - Why settle for a low percentage?

Get paid what you are worth!

Agents working directly with us can earn as much as 50% depending on their skills and commitment!

We train at no cost and are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact us and lets talk further.

Having a strong online presence is a great opportunity for a smart internet marketing company to generate extra revenue.


Payment Gateways

Virtual Terminal and Shopping Cart Payment Integration for all ECommerce Hosts, Services, and Carts.

Choose from low cost plans at USAePay and Authorize.net with low setup costs.

Choose from multiple pricing tiers and options for recurring billing and others.

ECommerce Training

Free consulting in every area of ECommerce is available at no cost to our merchants. Talk to us before you make important decisions for a direct and candid response.

Retail Merchant Accounts

Enjoy low Merchant Rates with options for Free Terminals, Wireless Terminals, and Check Guarantee Programs.

Take advantage of our Business Mentoring Services, available at no cost to our Merchants.

Need Gift Cards? Need POS Software?

Just call us and we will show you the difference that REAL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE makes in the Merchant Processing World.

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