Interchange Pricing - Can add THOUSANDS of dollars in profit to you bottom line from savings over conventional Merchant Accounts.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Cost Plus Credit Card Processing
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ECommerce Merchant Accounts For High Volume Merchants

Interchange pricing makes sense for large merchants. Call us and let's talk about YOUR account today.

Merchants with high credit card processing volume should explore Interchange Plus Pricing. With Interchange Pricing, all possible levels of credit card interchange are broken out to maximize your savings. You will see exactly what card types are being used the most and all costs associated with every level.

Not every merchant will benefit from Interchange Pricing Programs and that can quickly be determined at no cost by means of a Merchant Statement Review.

Your Merchant Account Statement will be analyzed for savings at all levels and a recommendation issued. Fax your statement in confidence to (818) 286-1968.

We'll also identify nuisance fees and Merchant Account Games and show you how to make them vanish, even if you don't process with us.

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